Publications & Other Resources

Publications & Other Resources
by Ji-Sun Ham

Through the Arc of the Rain Forest (1990)
Brazil-Maru (1992)
Tropic of Orange (1997)
Circle K Cycles (2001)
I Hotel (2010)

Online Publishing
From 1997 to 1998, Karen Tei Yamashita wrote several entries for the online magazine, Café Creole in her website, Circle K. Her entries range from dated travel journals to commentated recipes. All of her Café Creole works can be found here:

In her 1997 essay, “Purely Japanese,” Yamashita explains her thoughts about her Japanese heritage and her reflections on other people’s reactions of her being a “pure Japanese,” married to a Brazilian architect, living in Brazil at that time. Her essay can be found here:

*Note: Karen Tei Yamashita's novels can be found online at Amazon.